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PARKING LOT: MORNING DROP OFF PROCEDURE The front of the school can get a bit hectic, especially in the mornings when dropping off students. We ask that all parents comply with the requests of the school personnel to ensure that everyone is safe and that the environment in front of the school is orderly during pick up and drop off times. The top priority is always the safety of our students. For this reason and in hopes to alleviate the morning congestion, we are introducing new Drop-off Procedures. Please remember, on campus supervision starts at 8am in the designated area for ALL students. Please adhere to the following rules: 1. Do not leave your vehicle unattended in the drop off zone (yellow zones located at the sidewalk curb directly in front of the school). 2. Do not get out of your vehicle to assist unloading students. 3. When possible, pull all the way to the end of the loading zone to unload your children. This allows for the consistent flow of traffic during drop off times. 4. Do not enter the staff parking lot (lot in front of Kindergarten) to drop off students. 5. All students should exit your vehicle at the curb side not the street side. This will prevent any unforeseen accidents with oncoming traffic. 6. Parents are encouraged to park off campus if they wish to walk children onto campus. 7. Vehicles who continue to violate the drop off and pick up rules will have license plate numbers reported to the Huntington Beach Police Department for intervention. 8. Vehicles should never park in any portion of a red zone nor should they stop in the driveway entrances for the school parking lot.


Did you know in the U.S., about 15,800 children under the age of 21 are diagnosed with cancer every year; approximately 1/4 of them will not survive the disease. And, that is just the US... While survival rates for many types of childhood cancer have improved, for too many children, cancer will shorten their lives too soon. Cancer remains the most common cause of death by disease for children in America. Over the years, Newland has had many students who have had to battle cancer. This Friday, I ask you to join Newland as well as The Fountain Valley School District in acknowledging International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day. We invite all students to wear gold or yellow as well as bring a dollar for donation. Teachers will collect all money to be donated to the Irvine based Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. I hope that one day soon, no child will have to face a cancer diagnosis.
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