Busy Week of May 18th - 22nd

Hello Newland families,

I hope you are enjoying the weekend with your family.  Although we are not actually at Newland, it does not mean we don’t have a lot going on.  In fact, this may be one of the busiest weeks since we went out on Distance learning.  This week we will be making 2nd trimester grades available electronically, have signups for Newlands Virtual Talent Show, and on Friday we will be hosting a Reverse Parade.  Not to mention that teachers are distributing lesson plans for another week of Distant Learning and I will have another challenge for students on my video tomorrow.  Yeah… we are busy, busy, busy.


As you may know, due to us going out in March, teachers at Newland were not able to distribute 2nd trimester grades. We are trying something new… all report cards will be distributed electronically for 2nd trimester.

For students in TK – 2nd grades

 2nd Trimester Report Cards for students in TK-2nd grade are now available through the Report Card Maker Parent Portal. You will be receiving a message from the email account no-reply@myparentportal.com with instructions on how to set up your account and access your child’s report card. There is a chance that the email will be automatically routed to the Spam Folder of your email account, so please check that folder if you do not see the message in your inbox. If you have any questions, please contact FVSD’s Report Card Helpdesk at RCHelpDesk@fvsd.us.  Additionally, I have attached a flyer to help with accessing the site.

For students in 3rd – 5th grades

2nd Trimester Report Cards for students in 3rd -5th Grade are now available through the Illuminate Parent Portal. You will be receiving an email message from your child’s teacher with directions on (1) how to create an Illuminate Parent Portal Account and (2) how to access your student’s report card through the Illuminate Parent Portal. If you have any questions, please contact FVSD’s Report Card Helpdesk at RCHelpDesk@fvsd.us.  Additionally, I have attached a flyer to help with accessing the site.


Just because we are at home doesn’t mean we can’t’ show off some of the amazing talents we have at Newland.  The Newland Variety Show will take place this year but performances will be recorded at home, submitted electronically, and presented online.  This year, students will get to be part of the audience, and watch themselves perform right along with their family.  All acts are limited to 1 minute or less and must be appropriate for for a school setting.  We have two amazing parents, Tracy Stephens and Donny Goldberg, collecting and editing all the acts into a virtual movie.  Time is limited though… Applications close on Wed.  I have attached a flyer with all the information.  You can sign up here for the variety show. 


This coming Friday, May 22nd, we are going to host a reverse parade, beginning at 11am and running for an hour.  Teachers and staff will sit in front of the school while the students parade on by, in their cars.  This is not just for teachers and students, I have invited aides, office, whoever wants to sit out and enjoy our Newland students and families.  I have attached the flyer with direction and where your teacher will be.  It is important that we follow the traffic directions and be cognizant of the neighbors in the community.  We will stagger times so we don’t overload the neighborhood.  Preschool – Kinder will begin at 11am. At 11:15, 1st and 2nd grade will go.  At 11:30, SDC and 3rd grade will go and we will end with 4th and 5th grades going at 11:45.  For this to work, we ask that you don’t stop while driving, park along Dolphin or get out of the car to chat with teachers. We still need to continue to keep physical distance. Additionally, if you do walk, please stay on opposite side of the street.  Feel free to decorate your car or make a sign and have a bit of fun with this.

Finally, today being Sunday, just a quick reminder that Distant Learning Lesson Plans will be available today from teachers and on our website.  I have also started holding a contest through my Twitter videos each week.  Student can access the video either through Twitter or by viewing the video on our website’s Twitter feed, found on the bottom right of our website.  I will be putting out another video tomorrow!  Thank you all for all of your support and staying Newland Proud.  I speak for the entire Newland staff when I say I couldn’t be more proud of our school and community and I look forward to seeing you this Friday for our Reverse Parade.




Chris Mullin

Proud Principal of Newland Elementary